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Rae della Luna
2010-01-18 12:11

The following nine rules displayed when you were registering on site, and you agreed to abide by them as well as check here to see if there were any changes to them in future. Each time that the rules are updated (if at all) a date stamp will appear at the bottom of this post so that you may track the changes.


Ottawa Tarot Club -- Site Description

This interest club was created for local tarot enthusiasts who are 19 years of age or older, and able to regularly attend our pub meetups, as we do not have our tarot discussions on our boards. In addition, our club does not provide a service for receiving a personal tarot reading. Respectfully understand that we are not here to be solicited just because we're a community of tarot enthusiasts who meet regularly in Ottawa. Therefore, you must recognize that your membership will be monitored based upon your agreement to these stipulations and our rules listed below.

This site has a forum layout providing community networking for Ottawa tarot enthusiasts to plan meetups, and you gain access to many functions when you register as a member. Members will be able to read the calendar of bookings, post their RSVPs for coming events that are offered, share in resource threads to prepare for meetups, even subscribe to track RSVPs by email, as well as engage in chat and messaging functions.

We ask that you read the following nine rules for interaction on site before you agree to them, as they also indicate the expectations of members who join our club to attend our meetups and socials. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you at our next gathering!


Ottawa Tarot Club -- Rules for Registration

Upon registering, you agree to understanding, and to a willingness to abide by, the following nine rules based on members' responsibilities and required conduct on all site-related functions as well as at our local meetups.
Please read them all carefully, and don't forget your introduction after joining!

1. This site was created for the planning of our local meetups, and is intended to be an enjoyable and safe environment for its members, therefore no flaming (personal attacks), trolling (looking for members to attack), delurking in topics specifically to attack (especially in some belief of justification due to perceived baiting), spamming, and/or outting personal information you have about users that they have not publicly provided on this site. In addition, no pontificating or proselytizing will be acceptable on our boards, through our PM system, or in our chatspaces. These actions will result in warning &/or banning of the offending member from all OTC member privileges. The above expectations mean that our club relies on the maturity, respectfulness, self-reliance, and contributory spirit of those who engage online here and at our meetups! Should you believe there's an issue to be addressed on site, then contact the Administrator.

2. Members agree to explore and learn the site's layout to ensure best placement of their posts on the OTC website. Note that if a member clicks on a forum's link, they will see its subforums (with descriptions provided for each) that are not viewable descripts once said subforums are loaded. Our boards are not the primary spot for discourse, as we prefer to focus on in-person meetups, but those meetups require resourcing and planning. Once you have registered with the club, and made your introduction on site, the discussion and calendar boards will become available, providing a spot for you to RSVP for the coming meetup as well. This security measure will ensure that guests do not register on site without a genuine interest of participating in the club. We want to provide a valid headcount to the management of each pub we choose monthly, so we need to prevent any issues by giving the booking information to genuine OTC members—not spammers or even the general public! We ask that you direct any potential members to our site as well, thank you.

3. Members agree to keep a valid e-mail address in their profile, and understand that if they lose their password, and request a reset from the system, the email for the new password will go to the addy they have updated to in their profile, therefore not the one offered on registration necessarily. You may subscribe to track individual topics, and you may receive some mailings to keep you abreast of our club activities -- do *not* hit SPAM instead of DELETE, as you are harming others who wish to use our mailer service. If you do not wish to receive these subscriptions, take the time you did to hit subscribe, and hit unsubscribe. Take personal responsibility for your actions. If you do not wish to receive our infrequent mass mailings, contact the adminstrator. I cannot guarantee that members will not email you if you set your email to visible in your profile, so know when you join the community, you have the power to control your settings!

4. Members agree to using the same username in both the forum *and* the other site functions, even if they must remove spaces or add underscores to register successfully—which is required for our chat spaces! All usernames are to be personal handles, not the name of a business, site, organization or group. Members are not guaranteed their accounts will remain active or present on site, and may find their accounts are not accessible if they have been inactive for some time, or have never attended an in-person meetup. A community is created by contribution, and we respect those who make that effort! In addition, please note that members cannot delete their own accounts, and agree to create only one account for themselves. (Specific contributions are described in the next rule, and are intended to ensure a community effort within the club.)

5. Members understand that this site is for the Ottawa capital region's tarot enthusiasts, and we book our downtown pub meetups on site. If you are interested in attending a club meetup, ensure you make a firm commitment by providing your RSVP (including the count of guests you will be bringing) in the booking thread each month. Do not spread word of our meetup with the full details to anyone who is not your guest, and never on public sites! If anyone wishes to join us at a meetup, then they should join our site, make their intro, and RSVP to the meetup in order to find the location of our gatherings. We must ensure that the pub's management has an accurate headcount from us, and the OTC needs each member to show a mature level of personal responsibility when interacting with the club. That means we expect that each member will treat others with respect, our meetup locations details with a sense of privacy, as well as respecting the staff and establishment chosen that month. The contributions expected from each member are the following: make an introduction upon registering on site, greet other new members as they post their introductions to the club, read & abide by the preparation thread's outline for each month's topic, offer your RSVP for each meetup (whether you can attend or not), and give feedback after each meetup in the thread provided. This club is a community experience that relies upon the contributions of its members, and is only as rewarding as the energy put forth!

6. Members are to post their own material, and are to respect copyright rules for posting other materials onto this site—remembering to include credits and links where applicable. Note that posting of illegal materials or links to such is banned, and that graphic images and/or explicit language will be moderated for content purposes, so discretion is subjective with warning (and possible account deletion) or censure of members within OTC site functions. Please note in our Posting Help page, that all linkage should be *named* when offered, so please tag correctly when posting. If you have any issues, please send a PM to the Administrator, and if you see any posting you find offensive, please click the Report link below it.

7. Members will find a link for the Site Rules in the upper-right navigation menu, that they must keep abreast of due to possible edits from growth in the community. Our OTC Site Guide board on the Forums has helpful information for new members, and we ask that you review that material before posting inquiries or contacting the Administrator for assistance on site. Thank you!

8. Members understand that there is always the possibility of failure to upload to the server, and that the Administrator recommends selecting then copying any text for posting *before* submission in order to attempt resubmission due to any failures. The reality is that the Administrator has never encountered this issue, but due diligence is best!

9. Be aware that registration e-mails will be forwarded to inboxes within 15 minutes (usually immediately) but may land in SPAM or JUNK folders—please be patient! We do *not* recommend the use of Yahoo or Hotmail addresses, as they are notoriously terrible at blocking their members' incoming mail, and you may never receive your password for this site. Should that happen, contact the Administrator by posting in our Guest Inquiries board on site, then return there for a reply. If you do write us, we may not be able to send you a reply, or it may land in your spam folder again. If you wish to ensure our registration email arrives in your inbox, then add our email address to your contact list: Members agree to give a minimum of 24 hours before attempting to register on site again under a different username and email. Should they have to do so, then they must contact the Administrator once on site, so she may deactivate the first (failed account) and address this registration issue. If we have already tried to reach you, then you may find issue using the second account of registration, as we must have a valid and functional email address in your profile with which to reach you!

Welcome to the Ottawa Tarot Club site, and please make your introduction after logging in!

Warning:  This club does not allow monetary exchange for readings at our meetups, nor solicitation for clientele should a member already be a professional tarot reader &/or teacher. If a member, or a pub patron, wishes to pay for your services, they can ask for your business card without your solicitation. Though we do support the enterprises of contributing members in our club, this webspace was created to assist the Ottawa Tarot Club when networking specifically, so any unrelated (non-tarot) spamming will not be tolerated, nor promotion from non-contributing members onto our webspace. Site moderation and meetup moderation may lead to account deactivations due to non-adherence to our OTC rules!

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