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How to Add Images

How to Add Images

There are two ways that images are used on site: your profile avatar, and then pictures we share in our posts. They're not approached the same way though! To add an image to your profile, please see our other FAQ thread called Setting Up Your Profile on OTC.

To add images to posts, you must first upload them to a gallery of your own. Our site gallery cannot be used to hold all members' pictures, as that would take a huge amount of server space over time! You can setup a gallery on sites like Flicker, or Photobucket, etc.
you can use the gallery on your blog site if they allow content to be public!

We respectfully request that images are about 600 pixels across maximum, but the site does try to compensate when members load too large an image (though it will be SLOW to load, and slow down the site when you have many large images on one page!)

If you wish to resize an image BEFORE you upload it to your gallery, we have offered an Image Resizer for OTC members. The link is always in our top-right site menu  smile

Once you have uploaded an image to your gallery, please load it for viewing in full from their site (not as a smaller thumbnail!)  With the image on your screen:
1. Right-click and select 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. You will see that a small menu appears, and on it is a listing of information for that picture including 'Address URL'.
2. Highlight the URL (starts with http://) by selecting it in full, then copy it (Ctrl + C)
3. Paste it (Ctrl +V) in your post here on GPO where you would like the picture to appear.
4. One last step! Surround the URL with two tags, before & after the URL in your post! The tags are 'img' and '/img' and they are put in square brackets. In order to remember, there is a link below when you are typing a post called BBCode and it provides the same instructions!


EG:  [img][/img]

Now submit your post, and your picture will appear  big_smile

Warning: If you delete your picture from the site where you upped it then copied the URL, the picture will no longer appear in your post on OTC!  sad


Note that when you load an image on Photobucket, there is a section on the right called Image Code!

Just load the picture to view it full-size on Photobucket, and you will see that section for Image Code on the right!

You can select (by clicking, it is copied to your temporary pc clipboard for you) the IMG Code for Forums & Bulletins, and then go to your post where you wish to have the image appear, and key in Ctrl+V (that is holding down the Ctrl key in the bottom-left of your keyboard and then clicking V!) That will take care of all the coding to make your image appear in your posting!

PS: Ctrl+V is always PASTE  big_smile

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