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How to Start A Discussion

How to Start A Discussion

Starting a discussion on site is the same thing as posting a new topic. Each topic will have a reply option for others to answer you, and ultimately that collection of postings going back and forth is called a thread. When you wish to post your introduction, share about tarot, or put a thought to the community, you must first decide where that posting best fits in our subforums.

Our main listing of our forums is found here, and it can be loaded from the 'Forums' link in the top-right site menu when on any page of the site. Please click each forum to see the descriptions of the subforums within, then click the best-suited subforum for your posting. Once you have loaded the correct subforum, click the 'Post New Topic' link under the top-right site menu on that page.

You will be offered a form to type up your posting, and it will have a subject line above to name your posting. Since you are starting this topic, please try to be specific when you choose that subject title, and be sure to start it with initial caps like any proper title would have! If you are posting your introduction, the subject line should be your username on site.

Once you have typed your reply, click the 'Submit' button to share your post. Note that our server is rarely down, but it would be prudent to copy and paste your post to ensure you can submit it again if it were to fail loading!

Note: Now that you've joined the OTC site, your first topic should be your intro in our "Introduction" subforum—you can jump there now by clicking here! In order to ensure members are both local and genuinely interested in tarot meetups, we do not open the calendar that shows our meetup details until a new member has posted their introduction. The Administrator will watch for your intro, then ensure your access to remaining site functions.
Thank you for making the effort to introduce yourself, and we look forward to meeting you at the next meetup!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
~ Albert Pike

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