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Rae della Luna
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How to Reply on OTC

How to Reply on OTC

There are three ways to reply to a posting on site, and all new replies will appear as the last post in a thread (aka topic, which has been started already where members are sharing with replies!)

1. Clicking 'Post Reply' link below the current thread to load a new page that has the reply field for you to type your reponse, and shows the other responses in reverse chronological order below where you type.

2. 'Quick Post' box that is below the thread you have opened, and will add your reply without having to load a new page (but beware that threads have multiple pages, and you may have missed the most recent replies by others if you did not load the most recent page we are on!)

3. Clicking the 'Quote' link below any user's post to quote them in YOUR reply which will show up as the newest addition to that thread once you submit your post. If you intend to reply to the person who just posted before you, please do not quote them. Use the 'Post Reply' link on that page instead, thank you!

Once you have typed your reply, click the 'Submit' button to share your post. Note that our server is rarely down, but it would be prudent to copy and paste your post to ensure you can submit it again if it were to fail loading!

Note: If you cannot find the 'Post Reply' link on a page, then the thread may be closed, but that is rare. Feel free to contact me should that happen, as I may have accidentally closed the topic! Remember that your RSVP to our meetups is a reply in the specific booking thread, so please learn how to use this function on site. We need accurate headcounts to our meetups so that the pub's management understands how many will attend. If you cannot find our calendar of bookings, you may not have posted your introduction yet!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
~ Albert Pike

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