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Rae della Luna
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How to Keep Up on OTC

How to Keep Up on OTC

The most important thing to remember when navigating on site is that we have a top-right menu that will take you to all the features of the OTC site!

Forums - Our main index page listing all the forums on the OTC site

Members List - Our searchable listing of all members in our club

Site Rules - The site rules that you agreed to abide by — and keep abreast of should there be any changes!

Search Forums - This dynamic feature will help you find postings on any subject, by any author

Recent Posts - This link will load all the postings within the last week to keep you up-to-date

Image Resizer - This link will load a page with a tool to help you resize any pictures you have

OTC Chatspace - This link will take you to our social chatroom for OTC members only

Profile/Settings - This link will load your profile for your account so that you may customize it

Messages - This link will load your inbox for personal messages (PMs) and allow you to send them too

Logout - Will successfully end your visit, and we hope you come back soon!!

I felt it would be prudent to offer my ten best hints for new members on site!  wink

1. The Frequently Asked Questions (also known as 'FAQ') forum will provide help with creating your profile, navigating the site, adding images to posts, and other key activities on site. If you cannot find the answer you seek there, then I have offered a spot to post your technical question here.

2. Please explore our Forums before making a post, thereby ensuring the best placement of your discussions.

3. When you log in each visit, there's a link under the top site navigation menu that is called:
"Show New Posts Since Last Visit" which will load all links to new postings since you last logged out. This link is important for keeping you in the loop when you may be away. Click that link FIRST when you log into the site to ensure it loads before timing out though!

4. As you are on site, you may wish to find out what new posts are being made at that time, and there's a link in the bottom-left of the Forums index page that is called: "Show Recent Posts" which will load the listing of all the most recent postings as you have been visiting. This link is also available in the top site navigation menu now!

5. When you log in, there is a time stamp from your last visit in the upper-left corner, and if you have new messages in your inbox, it will say: "You have new messages, click here!" below the Last Visit time stamp, so that you'll check your messages.

6. Get a photo gallery set up off site, perhaps with a service like Flickr or Photobucket, or perhaps through a blog site where you have an account that allows upload of your images with public access provided. If you have a blog in a private community, it may not allow you to share the photos you upload off their site. Regardless, you need a gallery somewhere to share your personal collection of photos in posts! As this site is a gift (without membership dues or advertisements) I cannot afford the server space required for all members to up their personal photos to a gallery here — I'm sorry.

7. Attend as many meetups as you can! Our club will only thrive with commitment from its members. We have a discussions forum set, and a live chatspace, as well as the option to expand our site's features, but the core of this club is the meetups! Pease try to check in daily to reduce the volume of catchup, as we could have high volume days of posting on site, but the most important thing is to RSVP to our meetups.  *winks*

8. Be sure to post your introduction in the Greetings and Support forum within our 'Introductions' subforum, then greet other new members as they arrive. We each start our own topic, and title it in the subject line with our usernames. Without your introduction, you will not see our Calendar.

9. Subscriptions are offered so you may know when others have posted on site in a topic or discussion you wish to follow. That will include our Calendar booking threads with the RSVPs from members attending the meetups! To subscribe to a topic, load the thread, then go to the bottom-left corner to click 'Subscribe to this Topic'. You may unsubscribe from a topic in the same spot at any time, but please do not hit SPAM when you receive emails you asked for by subscription. That harms the ability for members who wish to have that service. If you wish to see the listing of all topics you did subscribe to, there is a link on the main Forums page called Show Your Subscribed Topics. WARNING: If you allow your account to expire, your subscriptions will be cancelled.

10. We have a chatroom called the "OTC Chatspace" which you can find by clicking its link in the top-right site navigation menu. After registering there (with the same username you have on site!) you can join us in conversation any time you'd like. If you'd like to ensure others are there when you're free, please let everyone know when you'll be there by posting in our Online Gatherings subforum so that we can plan to meet you!


"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
~ Albert Pike

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