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Welcome to the OTC!

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Rae della Luna
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How to Register on OTC

Welcome Guest!

We hope you'll consider registering with the Ottawa Tarot Club...

You can read more about us here in our 'About the OTC' forum, and should you have issues with the registration process, we do have a Guest Inquiries subforum. We ask that you read our Frequently Asked Questions subforum in full before you post your request for assistance, as we believe your inquiry may be answered there!

How to Register
We have a Register link in the top menu on this page, and when clicked, you will be asked to read then agree to the site rules. Please take the time to properly read all nine rules before agreeing with them!
(Note that you can preview them now by clicking here.)

The next page will ask you to provide a username, valid e-mail address, and to clarify your timezone where you live which should be -5 EST as we are an Ottawa Capital Regional club. Remember that the rules state you must give a username that's a personal name or handle, not the name of a business, organization, group, or other site.

Once you submit that data, you will then receive an e-mail from us in your inbox (though may be your spam, junk, or bulk folder instead!) and it will have your password to log into the site as a member. Logging into this site requires that you have enabled cookies in your browser, just like most sites require when you have membership. If you have cookies disabled, your logins will continue to fail.

Once you have received your e-mail, please return here and click the Login link in the top menu. You will be asked to give your username and password for entry. Remember that both the username you chose and the password you received are case-sensitive, and should have no spaces before or after them, so please be cautious when entering them each login! Note that you may change that password after you log into the site and visit your Profile/Settings. You will be able to customize many profile settings to personalize your experiences on site!

Once you have logged into the site, be sure to make your intro in our subforum for Introductions! We start a topic each, entering our username as the subject line, and then members can greet you as they learn more about you! That forum can be found here. If you do not introduce yourself, then you will not become a Club Member, and that means you cannot view our Calendar for the upcoming meetups!

If you do need to post a question to the Administrator in the Guest Inquiries subforum, be sure to return to view any reply, as you may not receive emails in response if you are already experiencing issues in the registration process.

We hope to meet you in-person soon, and once again, welcome to the Ottawa Tarot Club!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
~ Albert Pike

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