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Rae della Luna
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Setting Up Your Profile on OTC

Setting Up Your Profile on OTC

Once you've registered with the Ottawa Tarot Club, an account has been created for you. This means that you've chosen your username for members to address you, and offered an email address to contact you.

Note: You should now introduce yourself here in our "Introduction" subforum as per the site rules. Without an introduction, you will not have access to our Calendar of bookings for our meetups! The requirement allows us to moderate the membership, and to ensure that only local tarot enthusiasts have access to our meetup location each month. If you believe you know other interested attendees, please give them the link to our site so they may join as you have... but please don't distribute the location of our meetups! If you would like to bring a guest, you have the option to state so in your RSVP each month. Thank you.

Now we will set up your profile and customize your personal experiences on site. This is not a mandatory step, but can definitely enhance the experience you have on OTC!

Your options include:
~ stating your gender, location, and your website URL (if you have one)
~ sharing a bit about yourself (mini bio, what decks you have, other oracles you use, sign/birthdate)
~ setting up an image (avatar) and footer (signature) that represent you each time you post
~ setting up your viewing preferences of the site (I recommend the default setting as it is)
~ setting privacy preferences for email, etc.

Getting Started on your OTC Profile
All places to visit on OTC can be accessed by the navigation links in the top-right site menu—
in fact, each page you open from this site will have those links at the top-right with the exception of our chatrooms used for meeting socially between meetups or doing readings together online, which ironically have a link back to the main page anyhoo!

It's impossible to get lost this way  smile

Please click the link up there called 'Profile/Settings' to access your space for setting the options listed above. Once the page loads, you will see the Profile Menu. The first link is ghosted grey because the page 'Essentials' is where you are right now. That section was set when you registered, though you may be able to change your username by contacting me. If you wish to change your username, the only criteria are: that the new name has not be taken by another member already; that it meets the length requirement (number of characters) of the site's settings; and that it honours the site rules. If you would like to change your username, please contact me by clicking the PM link on the left under my avatar!

Now you can click the link 'Personal' from the left profile menu, which will load the second page of your profile. Here you can type in your gender, location & website if you wish. Your next move is to click the 'Submit' button to ensure your answers are saved. As it says beside this button, you will be back on the same page when it's done saving, and that's just fine!

Continuing to Add to Your Profile
Now let's click the next page of the Profile menu to load your 'More Deets' page. Here you're given the opportunity to share even more about yourself. Remember that this is not a mandatory step (but a great way to get to know each other) and once again you can add far more content than the field appears to hold!

Your options to enter on the More Deets page include:
~ a mini-bio section called About Me
~ a field to enter what decks you use
~ your other oracles (eg. runes, etc)
~ your Sun or Zodiac sign (eg. Cancer, Leo, Virgo, etc)
~ your birth date

Note that these fields are far longer than you think, but don't allow for any code if you do know programming like HTML or BBCode. So type up text only as long as you'd like, as I doubt it will be too long! Once you have filled them all (that you wish to) remember to click the Submit button to save!

Hint: Write up your answers on your computer using wordpad or notepad etc, then copy & paste to the small space (field) provided then hit Submit! This way you can easily see that your spelling and spacing of your sentences are correct. Remember that it makes one paragraph only, but it can be very long if you wish. Unfortunately, we can't view our own profiles as others will see it, but to have a feel on the appearance, try visiting another member's profile!

Adding the Personality in your Bling Section
This special section called 'Bling' will allow you to choose your avatar image, and add your signature, that will both appear each time you post! You should see on the right of these instructions that I have upped an image of ivy that's my avatar, and below this post (but within it) is my signature with a quote. Those personal touches are my profile bling, and you can have the same setup for your account on OTC! Note that our image gallery will hold your avatar, so you don't need a photo account on another site for that image.

More to come about adding your avatar and setting up your signature...

Tweaking Your Experience on OTC
Now you should click the link to your 'Display' page of your Profile, where you can leave things as they are if you do not understand the settings. For members with forum experience, they may change the default settings. You can always return there later to make changes if you wish, so take a moment to see what display settings exist for your account on OTC!

Setting Your Privacy on OTC
The 'Privacy' link in the Profile Menu will take you to a page where you can indicate how private you would like your email address. There are three options, so select the one you'd like by clicking in the white circle before it, thereby creating a black dot in the circle. I recommend that you hide your email address but allow yourself to receive emails. That is the best security setting, and will ensure you are accessible to other coven members. Do not that only one option may be chosen, and then you should review the other setting offered before you save with the 'Submit' button.

For your ease in visiting the site daily, there's the option to have the site remember you on your computer. This setting is optional, and if enabled, will allow you to skip the login process each visit. You can request this setting by clicking in the white block to make a black checkmark appear. Since you've successfully logged into OTC already, you've set a cookie in your browser, and that cookie will now remember your username and password when you visit again from that PC—should you request it now! Some people like this option, some do not.

Be sure to hit Submit again to save your new settings!  smile

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."
~ Albert Pike

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